Sé Neighborhood Expedition

Terreiro da Sé, 4050-573 Porto, Portugal

Sé Neighborhood Expedition

Terreiro da Sé, 4050-573 Porto, Portugal


This activity takes place in the most fortified place in the City of Porto, and with the biggest historical significance. As the Knights of D. Pedro IV, you will be asked to return to “Sé” and fulfill 4 challenges that will lead the way of your mission..

Once you successfully complete the challenges ahead of you and will upload evidence, you will unlock the Knight of Sé Badge!

Standing in a higher ground, with fortified walls and the best view for all the City, “Sé” has been the place of safety, refuge, faith and hope throughout the centuries!

During the Siege of Porto, the troops of D. Pedro IV gathered in Terreiro da Sé, finding here the support of the Bishop and the help of the people living in the surroundings - Sé Neighborhood. Thanks to the fortified walls, to the strategic views of its enemies movements, to the blessings of the Saint of Vandoma, and to the bravery of the people, they could resist the Siege for more than 1 year!

Therefore, Sé Neighborhood has a special place in D. Pedros’ heart, that could not have a deserved rest without a final goodbye.

Challenge 1:
The Sé Area was surrounded by medieval walls built in the XI-XII centuries, that protected the City from invasions.

One part of this medieval wall is “hidden at plain sight”, marking the entrance of Sé.
Find out where it is, and what is the Portuguese name for it?

Challenge 2:
Built in the highest part of the city, the Sé Cathedral of Porto is the most important religious building in Porto. It is located in the Terreiro da Sé, next to the walls that protected the city in the past. The exterior of the building resembles a fortress / castle.

Inside this cathedral, there’s a famous image of the Saint that is the Patroness of the City, and is represented in the Coat of Arms. Who is this Saint?

Challenge 3:
There are some essential things that helped people from Porto survive the most intense Siege:
Water, food, strength, bravery, faith, and a good dose of wine….
Find where the “Taberna da Sé” is located - one of the oldest Taverns in town!
Even though it is a typical small Tavern, it has 2 doors from 2 different streets! So…. What is the official address of “Taberna da Sé”?

Challenge 4:
On your way down, you will pass by the remains of one of the 4 Doors of the City within the Fortress: The door of Sant’Ana, that was geared towards access to the riverside and commercial area of ​​the city.
What is the name of the Saint in this place? Take a picture of it!


Now that you have completed all the challenges of Sé Neighborhood Expedition, you are one step closer to delivering the precious heart of D. Pedro IV to its rightful place!

For the next activity. keep going down down down, always following the same side as your heart is……

Hanki aktiviteetti-merkki

The Knight of Sé Hanki tämä merkki

If you have unlocked the 2nd Badge, you’re a true Knight of Sé!

This Badge represents the successful exploration of the heart of the City, where D. Pedro IV fought together with Porto inhabitants!

Your bravery, strength and courage to face and solve any challenges will take you far…

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Issued by organiser or scanning QR code
In order to unlock the Knight of Sé Badge, you need to successfully fulfill 4 challenges!


Terreiro da Sé, 4050-573 Porto, Portugal
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