Ribeira Expedition

Ribeira, Porto, Portugal

Ribeira Expedition

Ribeira, Porto, Portugal


If you have reached this Final activity, it means that you have already conquered S. Bento and Sé do Porto, and you are ready for the 3rd Activity, starting on D. João street! On this final stage, you will be asked to fulfill 3 challenges in one of the most iconic places in Porto: Cais da Ribeira!

Once you successfully complete the 3 challenges, you will unlock the “The Knight of Ribeira Badge”!

The Cais da Ribeira is one of the oldest settlements with medieval origins, where commercial life began to grow along the side of Douro River. Not much has changed from this time, since the city has maintained its medieval housings, narrow and labyrinthic streets and old arcs!

This riverfront promenade is the best postcard of Porto: from Ribeira's colorful houses stacked like Lego bricks to the “barcos rabelos” that once used to transport port wine from the Douro.

Challenge 1:
Going down D. João street (Rua d. João), turning your back to the Douro River, you will find the Fountain of Praça da Ribeira. Right in the middle of this Fountain there is the representation of S. João Baptista (Saint John). In his honor we celebrate every year the Night of Saint John on the 24th of June with a lot of music, party, and a very very typical dish of this day! Find out what are the main ingredients of this special dish!

Challenge 2:
When the troops of D. Pedro IV arrived in Porto, his brother D. Miguel and his troops fled to the other side of the river (Gaia), to a place with a very particular building - a round Church! What is the name of this place? Take a picture of it!

Challenge 3:
This is your final mission: to fulfill D. Pedros’ last wish and deliver his heart to a very special place. Here are some clues to get there:
  • It is not a touristic place, as very few people know about his existence;
  • You need to go into the medieval streets of Ribeira;
  • It belongs to a particular house
  • Barreto is the name
  • 8/2(2+2)+3 is the number


Once you get there, you will finally give some rest and Good Fortune to the heart of D. Pedro IV!
As a reward, you will be greeted with Good Fortune in your life as well!

"Do good and good will come to you!"

Hanki aktiviteetti-merkki

The Knight of Ribeira Hanki tämä merkki

If you have unlocked the 3rd Badge, you’re a true Knight of Ribeira!
This Badge represents the successful exploration of the most important commercial area of the city and the most historical place in town!
D. Pedro IV will be forever thankful for your efforts to find him deserved rest and good fortune!

Tehtävä nro.1
Issued by organiser or scanning QR code
In order to unlock The Knight of Ribeira, you need to successfully fulfill 3 challenges!


Ribeira, Porto, Portugal
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