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Porto - The Invicta City


Porto - The Invicta City



Porto is undoubtedly a magical city, full of stories and mysteries, which you are going to explore through the Invicta City Game!

Within this playlist, you will be involved in one of the most important periods of the history of our City and help D. Pedro IV to fulfill his dying wish!

This playlist has 3 main Activities in 3 very special locations! Each Activity will have a set of challenges that you will need to fulfill successfully in order to unlock the Activity Badge, and aim for the last and most important badge of all: The Invictus Knight!

Porto has a motto that pretty much tells a lot about its history: Antiga (Ancient), Mui Nobre (Very Noble), Sempre Leal (Always Loyal) e Invicta (and Undefeated) Cidade do Porto. Shortly, Porto is known as the Invicta, meaning that the city was never defeated!
But let’s go back to the 19th century to understand the origins of this famous title:
Porto never accepted the rise of the absolutist D. Miguel to power (1828) and when D. Pedro took command of the Liberal movement, he found a powerful ally in the people of the city.
Between July 1832 and August 1833, Porto City was completely surrounded by the troops of D. Miguel - “the Siege of Porto”, and its people fought back with all the strength, bravery and brightness until the troops retreated in defeat!
After the so-called Liberal War, a “new Portugal'' was born under the command of a liberal king - D. Pedro IV. Nevertheless, the Soldier King didn’t have much time to enjoy its victory, as he died from an infectious disease in 1835. His last will was to give his heart to the City of Porto, and a thankful act to its brave people, that should be placed in the most special place!
As D. Pedro IV couldn’t deliver his heart personally, you’ll be the Knight that will have this responsibility! Facing many challenges, solving mysteries and collecting historical evidence, you’ll find just the right place to deliver D. Pedro’s heart!
“Porto is not only a place… It’s a feeling!”

Activities to complete

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S. Bento Expedition
45 minutes
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Activities: 3
Started: 4
Completed playlist: 0
Time to complete: 2 hours 45 minutes


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